Fortnight 1 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)

For workout one we’re going to start out with a basic push pull legs format giving an even whole-body workout, with the addition of a core exercise. This will enable beginner level TRX users to gain a comfortable working level with the equipment and allow seasoned users to get back into good exercise habits by starting with the basics.

Perform the below for a 2 week period each session should begin with a 20 minute cardiovascular warm-up. Be sure to remain well hydrated through the duration and after the session has concluded.


TRX Lateral Squat
The Trx Lateral Squats is similar to a side lunge. There is more emphasis placed on the adductors on this exercise. Being that you are working more in the Frontal? side-to-side plane of motion, rather than just the Saggital /front-to-back plane as with regular squats.

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