TRX Essentials

TRX Essentials

As your partner in training and performance, TRX is proud to introduce TRX ESSENTIALS- A new standard in Nutritional Supplements. Using only the highest-grade raw ingredients in convenient, single-use Daily Power Packs, and post-workout Recovery Shake Packets. TRX Essentials are developed to deliver results you need to help you achieve your fitness goals. Comes in Vanilla & Chocolate flavor.


Whether you’re training for a marathon, cycling centuries or juggling a busy schedule, TRX Essentials enhances your your diet and exercise regimen. Our unique nutritional formula and convenient single serve packs eliminates the guesswork in daily supplementation.

Each box includes:

30 Daily Power Packs- Delivers PROTECTIVE nutrients that are essential in any active lifestyle. Includes a full compliment of stress-fighting Vitamins B, Omega-3 Fatty acids to help benefit your hardworking muscles & antioxidants like Vitamin C & Curcumin to help fight free radicals.

15 Recovery Shake Packets- High quality protein powder helps PROMOTE gains in lean muscle. Includes added Leucine to support recovery along with fast acting, glycogen-restoring simple sugars to help you recover and PERFORM faster. Choose from 2 great flavors- Vanilla & Chocolate. All you have to do is mix with water and drink after workout!

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