TRX Infinity Gym

TRX Infinity Gym

INTRODUCING…The World’s First Personal Gym In a Bag! Seven different training tools for 100s of core, cardio, strength and mobility workouts…all in one easy-to-carry backpack duffle.


TRX Infinity Gym combines our Best-Selling TRX PRO4 System and core-strengthening TRX Rip Trainer with 10 lbs TRX Slam Ball, 2 variable resistance TRX Strength bands, a set of 4 TRX Exercise Bands, Buddy Lee Jump Rope & a TRX water Bottle. All packed in a easy-to-carry TRX Infinity Backpack Duffle.

What’s more? TRX Infinity Gym includes 1-Year Free Subscription to the TRX APP and a 5-Year Warranty on TRX PRO4 System & TRX Rip Trainer.

Bundle Includes:

TRX PRO4 System ($249.95)
TRX RIP Trainer ($189.95)
TRX Slam Ball, 10 lbs ($37.95)
TRX Strength Band, Medium ($34.95)
TRX Strength Band, Light ($29.95)
Set of 4 TRX Exercise Bands ($14.95)
Buddy Lee Jump Rope ($32.95)
TRX Water Bottle ($14.95)
Limited Edition TRX Infinity Backpack Duffle ($92.95)
1-Year Free Subscription to the TRX APP
5-Year Warranty on TRX PRO4 & TRX Rip Trainer

Make the most of this exclusive edition, limited time offer… NOW!

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