TRX Travel Kit

TRX Travel Kit

Travel and Train with the NEW TRX Travel Kit. Designed for minimal packing and maximum efficiency, the TRX Travel Kit comes with all essentials needed for a fitness-focused traveller like You! This light-weight fitness kit includes a high-quality TRX Revolver Pro Jump Rope, a set of four extremely versatile and durable TRX Exercise Bands, and a TRX Travel Poster, an easy-to-follow, minute-by-minute workout guide. Everything comes packaged in an easy to carry TRX Mesh Travel Pouch to build a better, stronger, and a fitter You. SHOP NOW and get this grab-and-go fitness kit at an unbelievable price.



Size: 9.5″ X 8″
Set of 4 TRX Exercise Bands
TRX Revolver Pro Jump Rope
TRX Travel Poster
TRX Mesh Travel Pouch

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