Ultimate TRX Training Bundle

Ultimate TRX Training Bundle

With a dynamic duo of training equipment, the Ultimate TRX Training Bundle gives you need to get strong, toned up, trimmed look and unleash your fittest self. Includes our best-selling Suspension Trainer TRX HOME2 System, core- strengthening TRX Rip Trainer, a set of four extremely durable Exercise Bands, and 1-year free APP subscription. Both TRX HOME2 System & TRX Rip Trainer come with door anchors and a lightweight carrying bag so you can take your workouts outside or on the road. Double down and step up your training with this bundle, now.


Bundle Includes:

TRX HOME2 System ($199.95)
TRX Rip Trainer ($189.95)
Set of 4 TRX Exercise Bands ($14.95)
Rip Training workout guide
20-Minute Rip Training Basics Download
Free One-Year app subscription
TRX Protection Plan- a 5 Year Warranty (Home2 & Rip Trainer)

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