Fortnight 3 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)

Moving into the third fortnight of the eight-week challenge we will be swapping to a more traditional four-day split, adding an extra day to your workout week allows us to split each workout into its specific muscle group. This in turn really gives each muscle group a solid workout. For workout one we’ll be focusing on the back muscles giving an over upper, mid and lower back workout with the added benefit of also working the biceps, which all pulling exercises do to really give those arm muscles some tone and definition.

Perform the below for a 2 week period each session should begin with a 20 minute cardiovascular warm-up. Be sure to remain well hydrated through the duration and after the session has concluded.



Man performing TRX Pull Up
TRX pull ups are a great adjunct to those wanting to perfect bar pull ups. It is also a great stand-alone exercise that is modifyable in order to enable you to better focus on your back muscles.
Man performing a TRX row
The TRX Low Row is similar to the TRX Inverted Row (see #4). The main difference is the pulling trajectory, which is lower than the former exercise. This will help keep the emphasis on the lats, as well as the mid to lower traps.
Man performing a TRX single arm reach
The TRX Power Pull is of benefit in two ways: 1. This exercise is of a rotational nature, meaning that you are working on a Transverse plane, as opposed to the usual Saggital or Frontal plane. Most of the movement we do tend to be in the Saggital plane, like running, pushing, pulling, etc.
Man performing a TRX Face Pull
TRX inverted rows are a great way to build up your back strength by first mastering your own bodyweight. They can be used as a stepping stone to chin ups and pull ups. Using a TRX rather than a barbell to perform inverted rows places constant pressure on your back muscles.
Girl performing TRX Biceps Curl
Biceps are one of those muscles most people admire which is not surprising as it is one of the most utilised muscles in our body. The TRX Bicep curl is an amazing exercise that will strengthen your Biceps with nothing but your body weight and the TRX Suspension Trainer.

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