Fortnight 4 – Day 2 (8 Week Challenge)

For workout two we will be focusing on chest, core and legs. We will be following the same super set instructions as workout one. For example, looking at the plan for workout two you would perform the TRX push up followed immediately by the TRX chest fly then have a short break before repeating again in the next set.

Perform the below for a 2 week period each session should begin with a 20 minute cardiovascular warm-up. Be sure to remain well hydrated through the duration and after the session has concluded.



Man performing the TRX body saw with crunch
The TRX body saw with crunch may look easy but this subtle movement will make your core burn. It will help you to develop the perfect plank as you rock forward and backwards. You’ll feel your core, abdominals and shoulder muscles working more when you slide back.
Man performing the TRX assisted push up
The TRX assisted incline press is a regression and stepping stone to the full TRX incline press. While it is a cut down version of the full exercise it is not easy. This exercise will work your core and shoulders leaving you with an effective burn if performed correctly.
Girl performing TRX Squat
The TRX Squat and Lunge are the same versions of the standard Squat and Lunge, only with the added benefit of holding onto the TRX straps for added balance and posture. Squats and lunges are indeed basic exercises that should be incorporated into exercise routines, as they are movements.
TRX Pro 4 Strap
The TRX Single Leg Deadlift is a great preperatory exercise for the actual single leg (Romanian) deadlift. Fot those who lack the balance, or shoulder range of motion, the TRX is a great tool to help you get into the right position for learning this exercise; like 'training wheels' for the Deadlift.
Man performing TRX Side Plank
The TRX Side Plank exercise is again a variation of the regular floor side plank, with your feet suspended in the TRX straps. In addition, a rotation element is added to this side plank, which is great dynamic core stability work in the often neglected Transverse (rotational) plane of motion.
Man performing the TRX Plank
The TRX Plank exercise takes the regular plank position, from a stable floor environment, and adds a suspended leg variation to it, by putting your feet in the TRX straps. This adds another core stability to this basic stability exercise.

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