Level: Intermediate

TRX Pro 4 Strap

TRX Romanian Deadlift

The TRX Single Leg Deadlift is a great preperatory exercise for the actual single leg (Romanian) deadlift. Fot those who lack the balance, or shoulder range of motion, the TRX is a great tool to help you get into the right position for learning this exercise; like ‘training wheels’ for the Deadlift.

Man performing a TRX Face Pull

TRX Face Pull

The TRX Face Pull is similar to the TRX Wide Grip Rows, as well as the Low Row and Inverted Row in terms of body position. The difference is the pull. For this exercise, you will be pulling the TRX straps to your ears, which incorporates an external rotation of the shoulders.

Man performing the TRX Y deltoid fly


The TRX Y-Fly is similar to the Face Pull, however, the arms are extended in a Y position, thereby making the exercise more challenging, due to the longer lever (ie: your arms extended). This is a great exercise for the rear delts, as well as the Rhomboid muscles between the shoulder blades.

Girl performing TRX Snow Angels

TRX Snow Angels

The TRX Snow Angels exercise allows you to keep shoulder stability in the posterior shoulder girdle muscles (rear delts, Infraspinatus, rhomboids) while dynamically raising and lowering the arms, focusing on scapulo-humero rhythm. The goal of this exercise is to be aware of the scapula movement.

Man performing TRX Side Plank

TRX Side Plank

The TRX Side Plank exercise is again a variation of the regular floor side plank, with your feet suspended in the TRX straps. In addition, a rotation element is added to this side plank, which is great dynamic core stability work in the often neglected Transverse (rotational) plane of motion.

Girl Performing TRX Oblique Crunch

TRX Oblique Crunch

The TRX Oblique Crunch is a very dynamic, somewhat pendular exercise, obviously working the core, along with shoulder stability. The bonus of this exercise, is the pendular type of movement, that places more emphasis on the Frontal/ side-to-side axis of movement.

Man performing the TRX single arm row

TRX Single Arm Row

Te TRX Single-Arm Row is a unilateral exercise, meaning, you are working one side/ one arm at a time. This will help you to focus on one side/arm at a time, in order to help balance out the body, as we tend to be stronger on one side over the other.

Woman performing TRX Table Rows

TRX Table Top Rows

The TRX tabletop row is a derivative of the TRX Inverted Row and the TRX Low Row, with the arm position of the TRX Wide Grip Row. The defining position of this exercise is the ‘tabletop’ position. which automatically makes the exercise more difficult than the aforementioned ones.

Man performing the TRX fly

TRX Chest Fly

The TRX Chest flye resembles a cable flye, or even a pec deck type flye. It is less of a compound exercise as the TRX push Up, which means the triceps and shoulders are not assisting with this movement. Because of this, the angle at which you will position yourself in order to effectively perform.

Man performing the TRX Pike

TRX Pike Push Up

The TRX Pike Push Up is to movements in one exercise: a pike position, then a pushup. Having the TRX straps hooked on the feet as opposed to the hands creates more of a challenge for your core muscles, as opposed to just the upper body.

TRX Pro 4 Strap

TRX Pallof Press

The TRX Pallof Press may appear to be a bilateral exercise, however, it needs to be performed on either side to be balanced. Although it appears to be a dynamic exercise, there is an isometric portion to this movement, offering a unique way to stabilize the shoulder girdle.

Girl Performing a TRX Hip Thrust

TRX Hip Thrust

The TRX Hip Thrust is a good movement to work the posterior chain, meaning the hamstrings, glutes, and lower back. You are in a supine position (ie: lying on your back) when executing this exercise, and have the use of your arms on the floor to support you