Level: Intermediate

Man performing TRX-Jacknife

TRX Suspended Jackknife

The TRX Suspended Jackknife exercise is a dynamic tuck position, bringing your knees to your chest. It is a strong core activator while working the upper body isometrically to stabilize you through the movement.

Man performing the TRX Pike

TRX Prone Pike

The TRX Prone Pike exercise is similar to the TRX Suspended Jackknife, only this time, you are performing a pike, as opposed to a tuck, which greatly increases the difficulty of this movement. Again, this is a great core activator, but if you are somewhat weak, it can target the hip flexors too much

Man performing the TRX body saw

TRX Body Saw

The TRX Body Saw is a dynamic form of the plank position, executed on the elbows, in order to get more ab/core recruitment. Great for dynamic shoulder stability and core activation, especially in the Saggital/font-to-back plane of movement.