The Best TRX Exercises for Beginners


TRX exercises, also known as suspension training exercises, are exercises that improve mobility, endurance, strength, power, core health, and heart health. These exercises entirely rely on your body weight – strength-based, resistance exercises performed without traditional weight lifting, lifting kettlebells, or lifting semi-truck tires.

A TRX system is an excellent addition to your gym because fitness enthusiasts can use it at beginner, intermediary, and advanced fitness levels. TRX exercises boost your overall strength. A TRX system is an excellent addition to your regular workouts. These are some of the best TRX exercises that benefit all major muscle groups at all fitness levels.


High row

The high row is a compound exercise that strengthens your upper body, lower body, and core muscles. By performing high rows in suspension, your muscles are stabilized, your core is engaged, and the ground pushing back intensifies the workout as your body weight forces you to exert more effort. The TRX high row is easily adaptable based on personal strength and performance because you do not have to perform an unassisted pull. This exercise hits major muscles in your back, arms, shoulders, and core. You can include the high row in your HIIT routine, alternating between strength training and cardio.


Low row

This exercise is similar to the high row; the only difference is the pulling trajectory, which amplifies activity in your lats and mid to lower traps. Using the levers, you can adjust your position and change your angle from a vertical standing position, increasing the gravitational pull on your body. Increasing your back muscles’ output creates enough torque to work your muscles appropriately. As such, there is a slew of gradually growing difficulty levels, making TRX low rows ideal for fitness enthusiasts at different levels.



Pull-ups are full-body exercises, and with a TRX system, pull-ups have a variety of postures that can increase difficulty levels for better results. TRX pull-ups enhance strength in your arm, shoulders, and back muscles while boosting flexibility and eliminating injuries and spine injuries. To enjoy the full benefits of TRX pull-ups, ensure that you have the proper form for all variations by keeping your back straight and using your body weight for balance in suspension.



Push-ups are generally performed using body weight for resistance, but a TRX system allows you to perform push-ups in suspension. There are different variations for different fitness levels, but the most efficient push-ups are TRX push-ups because gravity forces you to exert more effort and activate hard-to-train muscle groups in a form that cannot be replicated with regular push-ups. Regular push-ups are performed on the ground. Although they can be weighted or on unstable grounds, TRX push-ups are more stable. Still, they yield more results with different difficulty levels. They significantly engage lower body muscles as you can perform the workout mid-air and control your body with the ground pushing back beneath you.
A TRX system is a simple and handy workout accessory fit for all fitness enthusiasts. You can easily use your TRX system in different locations – at home or in a public gym, and reap the benefits of common exercises. You can never run out of full-body exercises with a TRX system if you are creative with your workouts.


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