TRX Jump Squat

The TRX Jump Squat will help to develop the elastic force component of your legs, for more explosive jumps. Ideal for those interested in developing their jumping ability. It is also a good variation of the regular squat, as it will prime your lower body muscles to contract faster and with a greater force.

Primary muscles worked

  • Gluteals
  • Quads

Secondary muscles worked

  • Core
  • Shoulders
Body Part

Body Part:






Step 1: Stand upright facing the TRX anchor, keeping feet shoulder-width apart; hold the TRX handles and squat down towards the floor.

Step 2: From the squat position, proceed to come back up in an explosive manner, jumping high, then control the landing by bending your knees.

Step 3: Repeat this movement several times.

How to progress the exercise

This is an exercise that can easily be progressed. Ways to progress this exercise are by adding a weight vest, incorporating a hop into the movement, or even holding onto dumbbells. Add a BOSU or balance disc under your foot to further challenge yourself.

Additional Information

Posture is important to perform this exercise properly. Keeping glutes contracted throughout the entire movement will help prevent shifting your weight too much into the hip. Also, make sure that your knees do not travel too far in front of your toes.

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Man performing the TRX mountain climber

TRX Mountain Climber

The TRX Mountain Climber exercise begins in a similar position as the Suspended Jackknife. The difference is you are performing a ‘Mountain Climber’ which is alternating knees to chest, as opposed to both at the same time. Great exercise for explosive training, which working shoulder and core stability.

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TRX Anti-Extension Fallout

The TRX Anti-Extension Fallout is precisely to avoid spinal extension by maintaining a very strong plank throughout the movement. The TRX Kneeling Fallout is an easier version of this exercise and should be mastered before performing the straight legged Fallout.

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TRX Hamstring Curl

The TRX Hamstring Curl is a preceeding movement towards the Supine Hip Extension to Leg Curl. It’s a good beginning posterior chain (Glutes, hamstrings, lower back) activator and is loved by runners around the world.


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