TRX Bulgarian Split Squat

Girl performing TRX-Split-Squat

The TRX Bulgarian Split Squat is similar to a backward lunging movement, with one foot in the TRX 'stirrups'. It can be performed as a simulating running movement, using the arms to counterbalance the legs, or it can be used without the arms. Great exercise for working each leg independently of each other, hip stability, and getting a dynamic stretch in the hip flexors, which tend to get tightened from prolonged sitting.

Primary muscles worked

  • Glutes

Secondary muscles worked

  • Hamstrings
  • Lower Back
  • Calves
Body Part

Body Part:




Step 1: Standing on one leg, facing away from the TRX anchor, place other foot in both the TRX stirrups (combined); toes and hips are facing forward.

Step 2: Begin the movement by bending the supporting leg as you lunge back, bring the TRX supported knee back and towards the floor, until you feel a stretch in the hip flexors. Hands can rest on hips for support, or they can mimic a running motion with the split squat.

Step 3: Push back up with the supporting leg, and drive the TRX knee forward past the supporting leg.

Step 4: Repeat the movement several times before changing legs and repeating.


How to progress the exercise

This is the base exercise that is required in order to progress to other, more advanced exercises, such as Body Saw, Kneeling Fallout, and Sprinter Start. The Plank performed on the forearms can be progressed to the hands for a greater challenge before attempting the other exercises. Placing your hands on a stability ball or even a BOSU will add more of a core/balance/stability challenge!

Additional Information

Even when moving on to more advanced exercises that require a solid plank as the foundation, it’s always good to revisit the basic plank from time to time to work on improving it, as our movement biomechanics can change slowly over time, without realising it.

Girl performing TRX-Split-Squat



Man performing the TRX body saw with crunch

TRX Body Saw with Crunch

The TRX body saw with crunch may look easy but this subtle movement will make your core burn. It will help you to develop the perfect plank as you rock forward and backwards. You’ll feel your core, abdominals and shoulder muscles working more when you slide back.

Man performing the TRX standing roll out

TRX Anti-Extension Fallout

The TRX Anti-Extension Fallout is precisely to avoid spinal extension by maintaining a very strong plank throughout the movement. The TRX Kneeling Fallout is an easier version of this exercise and should be mastered before performing the straight legged Fallout.

Man performing the TRX mountain climber

TRX Mountain Climber

The TRX Mountain Climber exercise begins in a similar position as the Suspended Jackknife. The difference is you are performing a ‘Mountain Climber’ which is alternating knees to chest, as opposed to both at the same time. Great exercise for explosive training, which working shoulder and core stability.


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