TRX Front Squat Jump

Man performing a TRX Front Squat Jump

The TRX Font Squat Jump is a great Dynamic exercise that can build power in the lower limbs. It's a variation of Jump Squats, but because of the front inclined angle of this movement, will pace more explosive emphasis on the calves for the jump takeoff, such as the Superman.

Primary muscles worked

  • Calves
  • Quads

Secondary muscles worked

  • Gluteals
  • Core
Body Part

Body Part:






Step 1: Starting position for this exercise, is on your toes, upright, yet leaning forward 45 degrees, holding onto each TRX handles. You are facing away from the TRX anchor, and the TRX straps are tightly under your arms and close to your body.

Step 2: Holding the shoulders retracted and depressed, and keeping your core engaged, begin to squat downward, then jump explosively outward at that 45-degree angle, then landing back on the balls of the feet.

Step 3: Repeat the movement several times.

How to progress the exercise

Progressing this exercise is all about increasing the speed of the movement- the slower the movement, the easier; the faster the movement, the more challenging. Also, you can switch the movement to your elbows, for a slightly easier version, or keep it at hand level for a bigger challenge. Keeping your hands on a BOSU, Stability ball or medicine ball will give you a big intensity challenge!

Additional Information

Holding a strong plank is important for this exercise. If a revision is needed, refer to the Plank.

Man performing a TRX Front Squat Jump



Man performing the TRX body saw with crunch

TRX Body Saw with Crunch

The TRX body saw with crunch may look easy but this subtle movement will make your core burn. It will help you to develop the perfect plank as you rock forward and backwards. You’ll feel your core, abdominals and shoulder muscles working more when you slide back.

Man performing the TRX standing roll out

TRX Anti-Extension Fallout

The TRX Anti-Extension Fallout is precisely to avoid spinal extension by maintaining a very strong plank throughout the movement. The TRX Kneeling Fallout is an easier version of this exercise and should be mastered before performing the straight legged Fallout.

Man performing the TRX mountain climber

TRX Mountain Climber

The TRX Mountain Climber exercise begins in a similar position as the Suspended Jackknife. The difference is you are performing a ‘Mountain Climber’ which is alternating knees to chest, as opposed to both at the same time. Great exercise for explosive training, which working shoulder and core stability.


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