Fortnight 3 – Day 4 (8 Week Challenge)

For workout four we will be focusing on the largest muscle group in the body, the legs. The exercises in this workout will aid in strengthening and toning the whole leg including the calves. With some high impact exercises included expect to burn a high amount of energy and feel a good pump in your legs post workout. It is very important to stretch particularly after a leg workout.

Perform the below for a 2 week period each session should begin with a 20 minute cardiovascular warm-up. Be sure to remain well hydrated through the duration and after the session has concluded.



body part description

Level description


TRX Lateral Squat
The Trx Lateral Squats is similar to a side lunge. There is more emphasis placed on the adductors on this exercise. Being that you are working more in the Frontal? side-to-side plane of motion, rather than just the Saggital /front-to-back plane as with regular squats.

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