TRX Pendulum

Man performing the TRX Pendulum

The TRX pendulum targets core stability and strength. The rotation and the constant need to stabilise generate a strong contraction of the obliques. This dynamic movement requires overall core stabilisation with extra focus on the obliques.

Primary muscles worked

  • Core
  • Obliques

Secondary muscles worked

  • Shoulders
Body Part

Body Part:


Step 1: Anchor the TRX effectively, adjust the straps to long-length.

Step 2: Place your feet in the TRX straps.

Step 3: Lift your body from the floor and form a push-up position

Step 4: Keep your body stright and the core tight. The knees and hips are extended and the spine is neutrally aligned.

Step 5: Concentrate on your hips while swing your legs from side to side.

Step 6: Ensure that your core is engaged the entire time and is controlling the swinging from side to side.

Step 7: Repeat.

How to progress the exercise

This exercise can be progressed by adding a weight vest. Another possible progression is a single-legged jump squat. Creative progressions include adding a knee-to-chest while jumping, or even a pike. Using a BOSU will add a good balance challenge to this exercise.

Additional Information

Caution must be taken to avoid stress on the knees and hip joints when jumping and landing. The muscles must be properly engaged to absorb the shock of landing, and the core must be engaged to avoid a shock to the spine while landing.

Man performing the TRX Pendulum



Man performing the TRX body saw with crunch

TRX Body Saw with Crunch

The TRX body saw with crunch may look easy but this subtle movement will make your core burn. It will help you to develop the perfect plank as you rock forward and backwards. You’ll feel your core, abdominals and shoulder muscles working more when you slide back.

Man performing the TRX standing roll out

TRX Anti-Extension Fallout

The TRX Anti-Extension Fallout is precisely to avoid spinal extension by maintaining a very strong plank throughout the movement. The TRX Kneeling Fallout is an easier version of this exercise and should be mastered before performing the straight legged Fallout.

Man performing the TRX mountain climber

TRX Mountain Climber

The TRX Mountain Climber exercise begins in a similar position as the Suspended Jackknife. The difference is you are performing a ‘Mountain Climber’ which is alternating knees to chest, as opposed to both at the same time. Great exercise for explosive training, which working shoulder and core stability.


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