Fortnight 4 – Day 1 (8 Week Challenge)

Moving into the final fortnight of the challenge we’ll be upping the ante again by introducing super sets to each of the workout plans to really drive the challenge to the finish line. For workout one we will be focusing on back, legs and core with superset exercises for each muscle group. The idea with the super set is to complete an exercise then immediately move to the adjacent exercise with out a break. For example, in the workout plan for workout one you would perform the low row immediately followed by the power pull then take a short break before repeating the process again for the next set, this maximises the exhaustion your muscles are feeling and results in greater gains and benefits.

Perform the below for a 2 week period each session should begin with a 20 minute cardiovascular warm-up. Be sure to remain well hydrated through the duration and after the session has concluded.



body part description

Level description


TRX Lateral Squat
The Trx Lateral Squats is similar to a side lunge. There is more emphasis placed on the adductors on this exercise. Being that you are working more in the Frontal? side-to-side plane of motion, rather than just the Saggital /front-to-back plane as with regular squats.

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